Bar Insurance Quotes

Why Bar Insurance is necessary

What’s better than grabbing a couple drinks at the bar while watching local sports with some buddies? There really is nothing better than that. Maybe having a drink with your daughter for her 21st birthday, or drinking to toast a coworker’s retirement; the memories and activities that bars provide is endless. Alongside those simpler tasks, some bars offer other risky activities such as mechanical bulls, slippery stairs, and anything including alcohol creates extreme risk that can fall back on the owners. Bars are a high risk business and it is incredibly important to protect yourself and make educated decisions for not only the company, but for your employees and customers.

How do you know what bar insurance is right for your company?

The first thing to do when choosing bar insurance, is consider the factors that put your business at risk. Consider all of the general issues that can arise in any situation, such as fire, customer injury, etc. You will want to get some type of general liability insurance to cover the unpreventable liabilities.

Answer these questions to find out what other professional liability insurance and coverages will be imperative for your bar’s success:

After being served at your bar, is it possible a customer could hurt someone else?
If yes, you may want to consider liquor liability insurance. The answer to this question should have been yes, because it is impossible to control a consumer’s actions.
Does your bar employ 50 or more full-time employees?
If yes, then you will want to look into medical expenses claims, which helps to cover health insurance.
Is your advertising and brand still in the process of being perfected?
If yes, then you will want to consider personal and advertising injury claims, which will cover issues as a result of infringement and copyright.
Is it possible that one of your employees could get hurt on the job?
If yes, then you will want to consider workers compensation insurance, which will cover employees that are injured on-site.

Personalize to fit the needs of your company

After reading those you may find yourself with some questions regarding how to handle all of that information or you might have found yourself answering “yes” to all of those questions and now feeling overwhelmed with the need to protect your bar. Don’t get stressed and put your trust in the professionals at Rupp Fiore. We will create a personalized insurance plan with our trusted partners that is tailored to fit all of the wants and needs of your company. We will meet with you and take many factors into consideration such as bar location, bar type, annual sales, and revenue. With this information we will create an exclusive plan that will encompass all elements of risk such as general, employee, and location liability.

Working with Rupp Fiore will eliminate any stress that comes with choosing the right insurance plan. Going straight to an insurance company can result in not getting the correct professional liability insurance to best fit your company. With Rupp Fiore you will get specialized attention that will ultimately create the best protection for your company.