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The Mutual Benefit Group (MBG) began in 1908 as a two-man operation. Today, the Huntingdon, Pennsylvania company is now the property and casualty insurance provider to over 85,000 individuals and businesses in the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland.
The Mutual Benefit Group prides itself on providing policyholders with the “MBG Experience.” At the core of this experience are fairly priced insurance solutions that not only protect and secure policyholders, but offers them attentive care and compassion. MBG takes this commitment to their policyholders and their relationship building very seriously. MBG adds a friendly and personalized touch when interacting with and counseling policyholders. Insurance packages can be customized based on needs and financial limitations.
MBG’s PROcision Auto Program is an example of this. MBG’s PROcision plan bases auto insurance rates on individualized price points. This offers policyholders a more tailored and cost effective PA car insurance premium than anything offered by insurers who generally determine their rates by grouping drivers into a few broad categories based on a few broad characteristics.
MBG offers standard homeowners and renters insurance, but their Preferred and Promark programs also provide broader more customizable coverages to Pittsburgh area homeowners in need of increased limits for their personal belongings or a wider-range of optional protections.

Additionally, MBG offers specialty coverages such as:

Promark Advantage – A bundle of coverages that is automatically included in the Promark Homeowners policy but available to those in the Preferred program as a separate purchase.
Home Advantage Program – An affordable extra layer of protection purchased to enhance and expand upon the coverages in a basic homeowners policy.

Blanket Valuable Items Coverage – Allows policyholders to extend the limits of any valuable item already covered in a basic homeowners policy to up to $20,000.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage – Covers the repair or replacement costs of common household systems and appliances like heating and cooling systems, sump pumps, water heaters, home security systems, surround sound systems, and computer equipment due to mechanical/electrical failure or the breakdown of pressurized systems.
Homeowners Builders Risk – Protects against the theft of building materials and supplies during a home’s construction.
Personal Umbrella Policy – Protects policyholders from the negative consequences of large liability claims by extending liability coverage limits above and beyond those of a basic homeowners or auto insurance policy. An umbrella policy also provides policyholders with additional protection against commonly excluded hazards in a basic policy.

Mutual Benefit Group Insurance Customer Reviews – Pittsburgh Region

“The fire that damaged our home was the worst thing weʼve ever experienced in our lives but the staff at MGB provided comfort and made the recovery process much more bearable.” – Alison, North Huntingdon, PA

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