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Nonstandard Auto Insurance Pittsburgh, PA

Based out of Cleveland, OH, Victoria Insurance specializes in writing auto insurance for nonstandard drivers. Since writing their first nonstandard automobile insurance policy in 1986, Victoria currently writes nonstandard auto insurance in PA and twenty-five other states. They are also authorized to underwrite insurance in thirteen additional states.

Victoria offers nonstandard personal and commercial auto policies in Pennsylvania. If drivers don’t meet the standards or the specific underwriting criteria of other insurance companies, they must turn to non-standard auto insurance to obtain coverages required by the state or the company financing their vehicle.

The nonstandard auto insurance market is beneficial to drivers deemed high-risk; for example, any Pennsylvania driver with DUIs or a number of claims, accidents, or motor vehicle violations on their record can typically find a much better rate with a nonstandard auto insurer. Drivers of high-powered sports cars or high- valued custom built automobiles can also benefit from nonstandard auto insurance rates.

Victoria Insurance is often praised for their high-quality customer service and claims handling. We find their nonstandard car insurance rates in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas to be the best in the non-standard car insurance division and customers consider their low down payment, installment payments, and flexible billing to be convenient and accommodating.

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The mistakes of your past can often come back to haunt you even after youʼve changed for the better. For some, their past makes it practically impossible to get auto insurance. Or the quotes they do receive are outrageously high. The team at Rupp and Fiore Insurance Management is more than happy to tell you more about Victoria Insurance and your Pennsylvania nonstandard auto insurance options. Stop by any one of our offices in Trafford, Mars, Latrobe, New Eagle, North Huntingdon, Bethel Park, Robinson, Monessen, and Greensburg to learn more about nonstandard auto insurance. Click here for a list of our locations, phone numbers, and email addresses.

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