Liquor Liability Insurance Quotes

Why do you need liquor liability insurance?

The Pittsburgh area is rich in expanding nightlife and food and bar culture. This exciting growth of the Pittsburgh area is fantastic for bringing in tourists, locals, and new media attention for the area. As Pittsburgh grows, we grow as business owners. With growth comes potential for new and larger risks. Any company that sells alcoholic beverages is at a high risk of being accountable for any damage or injury that results from intoxicated customers. As we all know, with the consumption of alcohol, people have impaired judgement. With customers not able to make responsible decisions, your company is at even more risk of accidents that can cause irreparable and costly damage to your company.

Whether you have a bar, a restaurant that serves alcohol, or a nightclub, you do not want to be worrying about all of the miniscule and large scale issues that can put your company in a complicated, and potentially legal, matter.

Pennsylvania state law requires liquor liability insurance

Pennsylvania State Law dictates that business owners must abide by dram laws. Dram laws restrict all alcohol serving businesses from serving visibly intoxicated individuals. A visibly intoxicated patron can be defined as stumbling, erratic behavior, etc., but ultimately there are no strict guidelines that can be followed to avoid violating PA dram laws. With such a non-specific law, there are so many risks against your business that can result in court cases. Relying on your employee’s judgement is fine, except for everyone’s perception of “visibly intoxicated” is different. Get liquor liability insurance in Pittsburgh through Rupp Fiore to ensure quality coverage for your business from any liquor related incidents or lawsuits.

What Rupp Fiore can offer you

At Rupp Fiore, we offer free insurance quotes and partner with countless reliable insurance companies. We can get you the right deal and right fit for your business. Liquor liability insurance is not something to wait around to get. Procrastinating on the coverage you need will only result in issues. You don’t want to find yourself in a liquor related legal situation and not able to pay the fees, or potentially even lose your liquor license. We will take the time to learn about your business, and get to know you. We pride in our relationship building tactics – whether you’re a tavern, bar, nightclub, restaurant, etc., we will genuinely create the perfect plan for your business in Pittsburgh. We don’t serve you products, we serve you peace of mind. In regards to liquor liability insurance, once you speak with us, you will never have to worry about your business after hours. You won’t have to worry about going to bed on a Saturday night and hearing about a liquor related incident that happened at your establishment the past evening.

What if one of your bartenders serves a minor?
What if there is a physical altercation at your business that is a direct result of alcohol consumption?
What if someone visibly intoxicated gets alcohol poisoning?

Any situation you can think of, we will give you the peace of mind so that you don’t need to ask yourself those “what if” questions. Get a free quote with us today!