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PA Workers Compensation Insurance for Small to Midsize Businesses

The independent businesses in Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods and suburbs are the very heartbeat of this region. Through the years, we here at Rupp and Fiore Insurance Management have spoken to many owners of local small to midsize businesses. We’ve given insurance advice to owners of restaurant and pubs, maid service companies, manufacturing companies, commercial franchises, retail stores, and mom-and-pop shops. Regardless of the type of business, or the contrast from one business to the next, we’ve come to learn that most are faced with many of the same challenges and pain points. An example of this is the difficulty they all seem to have when it comes to finding a cost-efficient workers’ compensation solution to protect their employees and themselves.

Workers compensation insurance isn’t something that should be put on the back burner due to financial limitations. Every employer must consider the business risks and lost profitability associated with on-site workplace accidents. If an employee is injured, or perhaps even killed on-the-job, is your business strong enough to withstand the blow that’s to come if you’re targeted as being legally liable for the incident? This is why going without a PA workers compensation policy due to budget constraints isn’t very smart. It’s a decision that could very well bankrupt any small to midsize business.

RTW CompConnect PA Workers Compensation Insurance

RTW CompConnect gives the Rupp and Fiore team access to state-of-the-art technology that allows us to present business owners with an immediate PA workers’ compensation quote. CompConnect is affiliated with the State Auto family and the Rockhill Holding Company. Financially sound and rated A (Excellent) by the A.M. Best Company, this company offers one-year workers compensation plans to any company that maintains a Bureau Experience Modification rating of 1.10 or less.

ConnectConnect premiums can run anywhere from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $25,000. Coverages are broad and can go up to authorized maximum limits of $1 million. The policy makes sure employees that are injured on-the-job are paid all workers’ compensation benefits due to them by law, including coverage for occupational disease, along with covering the business owner if they’re considered to be liable for employee injury or disease.

CompConnect will conduct audits at their discretion, which may either be conducted in-person or over the telephone. On-site inspections may be required from time to time and loss control materials will be distributed to employees to promote safe work premises and minimize on-the-job accidents. Taking the proper steps to reduce at-work accidents is one of the best ways to reduce workers compensation insurance costs.

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If you’re a regional business owner, the team at Rupp and Fiore Insurance Management are more than happy to discuss CompConnect or any of our other PA workers compensation carriers with you. Our Pittsburgh area locations can be found throughout the region with offices in North Huntingdon, New Eagle, Trafford, Latrobe, Greensburg, Bethel Park, Robinson, Mars, and Monessen. Click here for a complete listing of our office locations along with our contact information.

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