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United States Liability Insurance Group

Small Business Underwriting, Personal Lines, and Professional Liability Insurance in PA

The United States Liability Insurance Group (USLI) offers underwriting insurance and a select group of specialty products like Commercial Lines, Liquor Liability, Personal Lines, and Professional Liability packages to small businesses in the Pittsburgh region. The company prides itself on its affiliation with the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, its financial stability and well-designed products, and the marketing assistance they provide customers to guide them to long-term success.

Here is a summary of the innovative specialty products available to Pittsburgh area small businesses through the United States Liability Insurance Group:

Liquor Liability – USLI offers a broad range of liquor liability coverages in Pennsylvania for bars and restaurants (including BYOB establishments), retail liquor stores, convenience stores, wholesale distributors, nightclubs, adult entertainment clubs, caterers, and non-profit private, fraternal, or social clubs that either sell or distribute alcohol. This comprehensive packaging includes coverage for incidents of assault or battery as well.

Non-Profit Package – USLI offers insurance solutions for non-profits in Pittsburgh. Non-profit entities like community churches and charitable organizations, fraternal and private membership clubs, and social or community service organizations like animal shelters, non-medical care givers, counseling agencies, food banks or soup kitchens, thrift stores, hospices and transitional housing have easy access to property and general liability insurance through this USLI package. The company also provides Directors and Officers liability, which includes optional Employment Practices and Professional liability coverage, Abuse and Molestation liability coverage, and Special Events/Liquor Liability coverages.

Personal Lines – USLI provides niche insurance products covering needs not typically met by common home or auto insurance policies. A few examples of these niches are:

• Personal Umbrella Products with a broader definition of bodily injury that includes metal anguish and torment, humiliation or shock. Excess Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage is also available.

• Higher Risk Applicants – Applicants with underage drivers, elderly drivers, or those with a poor driving record or DUI can be considered for USLI’s high-risk umbrella insurance in PA.

• Celebrity Applicants – Higher profile entertainers, athletes, or politicians can fall under USLI’s high profile umbrella insurance in PA and can also obtain personal injury coverage.

• Excess Personal Umbrella Policy – Offers higher limits than those offered by a primary umbrella carrier.

• Excess Personal Auto Liability – Enables policyholders to increase their primary auto coverage limits with the underlying limit being $100,000/$300,000/$50,000.

• Home Based Business – Offers business property limits up to $100,000 and liability limits up to $1,000,000 to home-based businesses with one single employee earning up to $500,000 in Gross Annual Sales.

Professional Liability – USLI offers Directors and Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, and Errors & Omissions to regional businesses.

Commercial Lines – USLI offers a diverse range of commercial lines to more than 500 classes of businesses that include general and artisan contractors, child care services, janitorial services, pet care providers, bars/restaurants, 1-4 unit dwellings, and fitness centers.

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