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UPMC WorkPartners

PA Health Program for Employers

As its name implies, UPMC WorkPartners is part of UPMC’s global health enterprise. UPMC is a world-renowned organization and is synonymous with the Pittsburgh region. UPMC WorkPartners operates independently and provides employers with comprehensive services that easily align with any existing health and wellness programs they offer. Since their inception in 1997, the company’s goal has been to improve the health and productivity of its members and their employees. This is accomplished through a suite of services such as:

Absent Management Services – These services are designed to minimize the costs and lost productivity commonly associated with workers’ compensation claims, short-term disability claims, and any Family Medical Leave Act, military, or personal leave administration.

Health Management Services – A series of health and wellness management programs, screenings and risk assessments designed to enhance the health of employees and decrease company health care costs.

Employee Assistance Services – These employee-centric and employer-centric services are branded by UPMC WorkPartners as LifeSolutions and are designed to boost employee performance and overall workplace productivity.

Fully Insured Commercial Workers’ Compensation Services – Case management, medical delivery, and proficient underwriting services designed to reduce costs and limit unnecessary workplace absences.

Consulting Services – Data analytics tailored to detect health cost drivers in order to identify appropriate solutions to reduce costs.

Customized On-Site, Mobile, and Retail Health Services – Simplified access to individual or group health needs to limit workplace absences and curtail health care costs.

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If you run a small to midsize business in the Pittsburgh region, and you’re considering UPMC WorkPartners to cut your company’s health care costs, limit unnecessary employee absences, and boost workplace productivity, please contact Rupp and Fiore Insurance Management today. We have offices located throughout the region in Bethel Park, Latrobe, Greensburg, Mars, North Huntingdon, Monessen, Robinson, Trafford, and New Eagle. Click here for more info on our locations or to learn how to reach us by phone or email.

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