What makes an independent agency special?

Unlike agencies tied to a single insurance provider, Rupp-Fiore is an independent agency with the freedom to write policies with more than twenty regional and national providers. For you, this means we can find you the absolute best policy out there in both protection and price based on your individually unique needs, situation and background.

Am I obligated to pick one of the policies Rupp-Fiore quoted for me?

Not at all. You’re welcome to accept or reject any of our free quotes. We just want you to know your options. And in any case, we’re confident that once you see the low premiums and quality service we can provide for you, you’ll have no problem teaming up with us. But even if we can’t convince you, we’ll wish you the best of luck and hope you give us another try next year.

My renewal premium went up, what can I do?

Just ask us to run a quote with all our insurance companies. Every company is different. And each year, as things change in your life (including everything from your recent claim history to your credit score to your age), so will the premium each individual company offers you. Our job is to find a policy from the company that fits you perfectly, year after year, as the companies we work with and your situation continue to change.

Do I have to wait until my expiration date to change policies?

You can cancel your existing policy and move to a new one whenever you want. However, we do recommend you switch policies at the expiration date, as your existing insurance company most likely will charge you a cancellation fee.

My house or commercial building would never sell for the amount that’s in my policy, so why do I have to insure it for that much?

The value stated on your property policy has nothing to do with the market price. You instead typically insure a building based on replacement cost, which is the amount of money it would take to completely rebuild your property should an event totally destroy it.